We utilize modern diagnostic and repair tooling to provide HVAC services to mobile mining heavy equipment.

Our fleet of over 50 service trucks enables our team of Journeyman technicians to come to you ready to install and repair heating and cooling systems on any brand of equipment. Whether your equipment is on or off site, involved in mining, logging, road construction, pipeline construction, drilling, materials handling or compacting, Aircon is proud to have a broad customer service base in and around Fort McMurray, and extending throughout Northern Alberta.

Our inventory includes an extensive line of parts to service a variety of heating and air conditioning equipment, including original equipment manufacturers (OEM) systems and Red Dot and Webasto Thermosystems.

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Fleet of over 50 service trucks all based in Fort McMurray.

Journeymen Technicians that come to you.

Keeping you safe & minimizing downtime for your operations.

Project Highlights

Special Application HVAC, Heating an Air Conditioning Systems

Certain types of equipment present extreme challenges installing heating and air conditioning systems when not provided by the original equipment manufacturer. Space limitations for mounting additional components, the inability to add traditional belt driven compressors, and the specific design of cabs with glass roofs have driven Aircon to be pioneers in innovation, sourcing and/or designing hydraulic driven systems and electric scroll compressor systems allowing for remote mounting of compressors and condensers. We have successfully met our customers needs providing operators with a safe and comfortable environment on equipment where traditional belt driven compressors were either not an option or were unreliable, such as cranes, hydraulic shovels, telehandlers, snow cats, small dozers, and haul trucks.

This type of continued innovation has kept Aircon one step ahead of our competition, and along with providing safe work environments for operators we have assisted our customers in decreasing down time related to heating and air conditioning repairs

This is just one example of our continued innovation and desire to challenge the status quo.

 Systems That Optimize Equipment Efficiency Creating Green Solutions

Aircon provides solutions for your heating and cooling needs that go beyond operational comfort as well. An example of this is adapting a coolant heater that is typically used for engine pre-heating to have a secondary function of maintaining engine and cooling system operating temperatures, even in the most extreme weather conditions. This solution addressed a particular customers concern of low coolant temperature during regular operation which now allowed the engine to run at it’s most efficient temperature level. This resulted in reducing the amount of fuel being consumed which in turn results in a reduction of exhaust emissions, as well as freeing up needed horsepower during heavy hauling operations. Consider the financial affect of this scenario across a fleet of trucks operating 24 hours a day with decreased fuel costs and increased production, in this instance the impact was in the millions of dollars.

Utilizing the right heating and cooling systems at the right time – whether it is to decrease engine workload and increase operating efficiency, or to reduce engine idle time and yet still maintain engine coolant or cab temperatures, Aircon has proven solutions that will help your equipment run at it’s most efficient levels reducing the overall emissions impact on our environment and helping to reduce equipment down time.

We are always proud to make the difference in our clients businesses.


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