Your heavy equipment operates in some of the most challenging mining environments in the world.

On-road or off-road and in all kinds of operating environments, our team’s extensive knowledge and expertise provides innovative air filtration solutions that protect both the operator and equipment. Whether you are looking to upgrade the OE filters, add powered supplemental air filtration, or are needing monitored cab pressurization to ensure the safest environment for your operators Aircon can provide solutions for you.

Improved air filtration and pressurization of both cabs and equipment cabinets containing sensitive electrical equipment keeps out harmful contaminants, dust and debris. This not only increases your operators safety, but also extends the life of sensitive components, ultimately delivering higher performance and increased productivity while decreasing downtime.

“It’s great peace of mind knowing that our team is safe and our equipment is working optimally.”


Why Aircon


We put people first. Proper design installations will not only minimize downtime and save money, it will create a better and safer work environment for operators.

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