We believe in retaining the best.

One of the strengths of AirCon is the attraction and retention of those employees who are passionate about working as a team to deliver exceptional service. Along with a competitive salary and benefits package, AirCon employees can expect a work environment that provides a challenging work experience, an opportunity for personal development, recognition and respect.

Ownership and leadership is dedicated to fostering an organizational culture that aligns AirCon’s business commitment of high performance and safety with opportunities for all of its employees.

Current Opportunities

Why AirCon

AirCon is a continuously evolving company that has grown exponentially over the past several years and plans continued growth in the years to come. We have a strong team based environment, providing training and support throughout the various areas of our operation. We have a very competitive compensation package, and a culture of safety that is second to none, ensuring your protection and the safety of everyone around you regardless of the environment you are working in.

AirCon encourages personal growth, and invites collaborative input to strengthen individuals, teams, processes and procedures from both technical and safety perspectives, and grow the organization as a whole.